Project Updates January 29, 2021

Update on preparatory construction works and site activity on parts of the Masterplan site: January 2021


The preparatory construction works underway on parts of the masterplan site continue to progress. Work is now taking place or scheduled for the areas marked on the image below. Please find updates on each work area below. For more information on site working hours, please see this post which will be updated with new information as it is available.


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Rear of Printworks site by Quebec Way (shown in yellow on the aerial image above) – the deconstruction of the three unused buildings at the rear of the Printworks site carried out by our contractor Galldris are now complete, and work has begun to remove the building slab and foundations and clear the site. The deconstruction of the existing sprinkler tank and disconnection of associated pipework is due to begin in February.


Next door to this site (shown in green on the aerial image above), works have begun to build a new temporary campus located within the Printworks site, which will house TEDI-Londona new engineering higher education enterprise (click here for more information). Hoarding installation is underway, as well as tree and vegetation clearance adjacent to Quebec Way (Southwark Council has granted planning permission for these works as part of planning consent 20/AP/2482). Alongside this, work will begin on the installation of new building drainage, services and construction of building foundations. Due to the size of the building foundation, Galldris will require a 24-hour period to pour and finish the concrete foundation. They are liaising with Southwark Council to seek the appropriate permission. Although the exact date is to be confirmed – and is weather and equipment permitting – Galldris hope to undertake these works during the week of 8th February 2021. Galldris also expect to unblock a manhole on Quebec Way over the coming weeks, subject to survey results. If this is required, temporary traffic management is likely to be needed on Quebec Way.


Surrey Quays Shopping Centre car park and surrounding area (shown in orange on the aerial image above) In February, Galldris will continue the widening works to the existing pedestrian crossing on Deal Porters Way close to the junction with Surrey Quays Road. They will also continue the use of temporary traffic management to allow the installation of drainage and services within a short section of Deal Porters Way. Works on the haul road, close to the former Dock Offices and the Tesco petrol station, will continue with building the associated retaining wall/structures, drainage and services installation works.  Other works within the Shopping Centre car park will also continue ahead of the temporary re-routing of Deal Porters Way required to facilitate later phases of work. Ongoing drainage works will continue alongside hoarding replacement and planting works in Hothfield Place.


Tree clearance between Hothfield Place and Deal Porters Way (close to the existing petrol station) is expected to take place in February, as well as those on the boundary of the existing petrol station towards Courthope House. Southwark Council has granted planning permission for these works as part of the outline planning consent (18/AP/1604).



Former Rotherhithe Police Station (shown in pink on the aerial image above). – From March, Galldris will demolish the former Rotherhithe police station. Once demolished, and in the short term, this area will accommodate site welfare facilities for the construction of Plots A1 and A2 of the Canada Water Masterplan. In the longer term, the outline planning consent for the masterplan (18/AP/1604) sets out the maximum massing and heights of any future building on this site and allocates it for a mix of residential, retail and community facility uses There will be engagement with the local community on the detailed designs as they come forward and residents close to the site will receive further details ahead of the demolition works beginning.


Construction of interim petrol station on Deal Porters Way (shown in purple on the aerial image above) – Our contractor Keltbray continue to install foundations for the interim petrol station which means an increase in the amount of deliveries to site using articulated lorries. All lorries are entering and exiting the Keltbray site via Redriff Road. Deliveries are planned to ensure there is not too much congestion both within the site and as vehicles enter and exit to make sure they are not having an impact on local traffic flow.


The groundworks phase of works will last until March 2021. Once complete, the existing Tesco petrol station in the car park will then be demolished to enable the construction of plot A2 (click here for more information). The existing petrol station will remain open until the new interim petrol station is open.



Former Dock Offices (shown in blue on the aerial image above) – internal and external refurbishment works to the former Dock Offices to preserve them as an important Grade II listed heritage asset whilst also providing a new ‘Project Hub’ for the Canada Water Masterplan are progressing. Our contractor Mace Interiors are completing the hoarding along Surrey Quays Road meaning that the pavement will be inaccessible and the through route to the Dock Offices, Surrey Quays Shopping Centre and the Tesco Petrol Station from Surrey Quays Road is now inaccessible (except to tenants and Dock Office visitors) and will remain closed until May 2021. The cleaning of the external façade is shortly due to begin and the whole front elevation of the building will be washed. The windows on both floors are being taken out in order to be refurbished, internal plumbing and electric works are starting, and the internal structural works will be finishing, as well as services being installed.



Other site surveys

Plot K1 (Roberts Close)

Please click here for more information on these surveys.


Plot A1 (unused car park at Surrey Quays Shopping Centre adjacent to Surrey Quays Road)

Celtic-EnGlobe, on behalf of British land, expect to begin site survey works during February on Plot A1 to collect soil samples to inform the design of the building foundations for Plot A1. The surveys will involve hand digging as well as using a drilling rig. Working hours are 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday and we do not expect work to take place outside of these times. Noise will be kept to a minimum, with environmental monitoring stations in place throughout.


Canada Water Dock – upcoming vegetation/tree clearance and surveys

In February, we expect some vegetation and tree clearance within the Dock close to the observation platform. This is permitted under the outline planning consent for the Canada Water Masterplan (18/AP/1604). The surveys are to establish ground conditions and will be carried out with machines that take samples that are then tested. This work is contained within the Dock and we do not expect any pedestrian diversions along the dock edge will be needed.


Dedicated Construction Neighbourhood Liaison Manager


British Land’s Construction Neighbourhood Liaison Manager ensures that site neighbours and the wider community are kept regularly updated and will respond promptly to any issues or questions that arise. If you have any questions about these works or would like to speak with the Construction Neighbourhood Liaison Manager, please contact or call 0800 470 4593 (freephone).


Contractors continue to write to and seek to speak with direct neighbours where construction activity is taking place, with further updates due to arrive next week.  


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