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The Masterplan site covers approximately 53 acres. Given the size of the site and the nature of the development, the application is submitted in hybrid form whereby the first four buildings (Plots A1, A2, K1 and C) are submitted in detail (i.e. no matters reserved) and the remainder of the development is submitted in outline with all matters reserved for future determination through subsequent Reserved Matters applications. There will be further engagement on each Reserved Matters Application as it comes forward.

The outline application does not approve all elements of the development but establishes the parameters within which future buildings can come forward, including the height, scale and quantum of uses being proposed. Full details for first four plots are provided with detailed plans, sections and elevations, alongside Computer Generated Images of how the buildings will appear.

Revised planning application

Additional documents and revisions to the planning application were submitted to Southwark Council on 12 October 2018 and further minor changes were submitted in March 2019. More information on the amendments, and how to view and comment on these documents, is provided below. See the covering letter explaining the October resubmission here, and the March 2019 resubmission here.

The Three “Control Documents”

For the outline application, the Design and Access Statement describes what could come forward in the future, although the precise nature and form of the buildings is not yet known. To ensure that future Reserved Matters applications are acceptable, three Control Documents will form part of any planning permission:

Development Specification:

The Development Specification sets out the maximum amount of floorspace (for each land use proposed) that can ultimately come forward on the site.

Parameter Plans:

The Parameter Plans are a series of drawings that establish rules for the development, controlling the layout and scale of future development zones. The Parameter Plans set minimum and maximum zone extents and maximum building heights. They should be read in conjunction with the Development Specification. The Parameter Plans also set out the vehicle and pedestrian access points; the location of key roads and the minimum extent of public realm.

Design Guidelines:

The Design Guidelines should be read alongside the Parameter Plans and Development Specification. The Design Guidelines establish binding standards for future buildings and public realm which will come forward as part of the Reserved Matters process.

The potential form of the development based on all of the design principles and concepts that underpin the Development Specification, Parameter Plans and Design Guidelines are represented in the Illustrative Masterplan which is described in detail in the Masterplan Design and Access Statement.

Please note that these documents were updated in October 2018 with the resubmission of the planning application.

Revised Planning Applications - October 2018 and March 2019

The planning application for the Canada Water Masterplan was first submitted in May 2018.

The council carried out a period of statutory consultation on these proposals during the summer, alongside further engagement by us with many local community groups, residents and other interested parties. Over 1,000 people have attended our events since we submitted the planning application, and we are grateful to everyone for giving their time to discuss it with us.

Based on the feedback received, we made a series of amendments to the Development that were submitted to Southwark Council in October 2018, together with additional information.

The key revisions to the Masterplan made in October 2018 included:

– Building heights across the Masterplan were reduced. For example, the tallest building was reduced by 24 metres, from 162 to 138 metres, a reduction of 15%.

– The number of affordable family homes in the first phase of the development has been increased. This means that 60% of the homes in the first phase are 2+ bedrooms, with 3+ bedroom homes now accounting for 20% of the new homes.

– In response to feedback from immediate neighbours, we have reduced the rear massing of the building at Plot A2 (the office and leisure centre building). The site will still deliver a new leisure centre for the local community, but its massing has been set back to improve views for residents of Hothfield Place.

– The visual appearance of the Plot K1 building (Roberts Close) has been altered, with a lighter tone of brick and new balcony designs proposed. We have also undertaken a series of ecology and overshadowing studies to confirm that the building won’t impact Russia Dock Woodland/Stave Hill Ecology Park or the Alfred Salter School playground.

– Minor changes have also been made to the internal layouts of the building proposed at Plot A1.

– Details have been submitted for the interim petrol filling station and a new, planted pedestrian route and cycle ramp linking Lower Road shops and the shopping centre is proposed.

More information about the changes submitted in both October 2018 and March 2019 are available in our website FAQs.

In March 2019, we submitted some further minor changes to the planning application following further design work by the project team.

A summary of the minor changes made in March 2019 is below. A full summary of the changes can be found in the Planning Resubmission Cover Letter here.

– For Plot A1 we are planning to increase the size of the internal residential communal space at first floor level.

– For Plot A2, we are including a new fifth floor roof terrace for use by office workers based in the building. The terrace has been positioned and designed so that users can’t overlook neighbouring houses or gardens. We have also changed the proposed material on the back of the building (when viewing the building from Lower Road) from timber to terracotta. The terracotta cladding will be light and warm in tone, similar to the previous timber proposal.

– For Plot K1 we are making some minor changes to the internal layouts of the proposed eight wheelchair accessible homes in the building to ensure that they fully meet Southwark Council’s design standards.

– With regards to the Interim Petrol Filling Station (Plot C), the underground fuel tanks beneath the petrol station forecourt have been repositioned and the structural columns which support the roof of the filling station have been redesigned.


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All formal comments on the planning application should be directed to Southwark Council’s planning division via the online planning register for their consideration in their determination of the planning application. This can be found here.

All planning application documents, including those associated with the resubmission, can also be found at Canada Water Library.

Here’s how you can submit your comments:

Online: www.southwark.gov.uk/planningregister

By Email: Via the form on Southwark Council’s website here.

By Post: Send your comments by post to 5th Floor Hub 2, Southwark Council, PO Box 64529, London, SE1P 5LX