Construction Activity

The Canada Water Masterplan will take approximately 15 years to build. Whereas we know that at times construction activity will impact the local community, we’re committed to keeping you updated and managing construction activity so that disruption to the local area is minimised.

Please read down for more information on the construction programme and updates, as well as how to get in touch with us about construction activity. For the latest construction update covering all current onsite works, please see here.

Current Canada Water Masterplan construction programme

Planning permission for the Canada Water Masterplan was granted in May 2020, and the construction programme for the entire site will take approximately 15 years.

In October 2020 we began works to prepare the site ahead of construction of the first buildings starting later in 2021 (these are plots A1, A2, K1, the interim petrol filling station and a new below ground electricity substation (subject to planning permission being granted).

In November 2020, we received planning consent to carry out internal and external refurbishment works to the former Dock Offices, to preserve them as an important Grade II listed heritage asset. These works will also provide a new ‘Project Hub’ for the Canada Water Masterplan.

After receiving planning consent in December 2020, works began in January 2021 to build a new temporary campus will house TEDI-London – a new engineering higher education enterprise.

The below plan provides more information about each work site location.

These preparatory construction works are being undertaken by contractors Galldris, Keltbray and Mace, while being overseen by the project managers AECOM.

Rear of Printworks site by Quebec Way (yellow shaded area) – Contractor: Galldris

  • Preparatory works are underway to enable construction of the new below ground electricity substation, subject to a Reserved Matter Application being approved by Southwark Council.

TEDI-London (green shaded area) – Contractor: Galldris

  • A new temporary campus located within the Printworks site, which will house TEDI-London – a new engineering higher education enterprise (click here for more information). Hoarding installation is underway, as well as tree and vegetation clearance adjacent to Quebec Way.

Surrey Quays Shopping Centre car park (orange shaded area) – Contractor: Galldris

  • At the Surrey Quays Shopping Centre car park, preparatory works are being undertaking to enable to construction of plots A1 and A2.

Construction of the interim petrol filling station (purple shaded area)– Contractor: Keltbray

  • Construction of the interim petrol filling station (IPFS) to allow for the demolition of the existing petrol filling station, which will enable the construction of plots A1 and A2.

Former Dock Offices (blue shaded area) – Contractor: Mace

  • Refurbishment works are taking place to preserve the former Dock Office buildings and create a ‘Project Hub’.


Latest updates

As works have begun on the Canada Water Masterplan site, you will start to see increased construction activity and more workers in the local area.

Below you can view our latest updates via our monthly construction news posts:

Minimising disruption during the construction process

We’re committed to managing the impact of construction works so that disruption to the local area is minimised.

Before construction work begins, a Construction Management Plan for the work site is agreed with Southwark Council. The plan outlines how our construction works will take place as well as what mitigations will be put in place to minimise the impact on the local community during the works. This includes site operating hours, noise and vibration mitigation measures, and traffic measurement. To download the Masterplan Framework Construction Management Plan please click here.

We also require all our contractors to be signed up to the Considerate Constructors Scheme, which is a not for profit independent organisation founded to raise standards in the construction industry. All constructors signed up to the scheme must make every effort to ensure their site teams care about the appearance of the site, respect the local community, protect the environment, secure everyone’s safety, and value their workforce.

Throughout the construction process we will also ensure that the local community has access to the latest information on the key works taking place across the Masterplan through regular meetings and updates, so that you can easily get in touch with the team with any questions or to raise any issues relating to the construction works.


Dedicated Construction Neighbourhood Liaison Manager

British Land has appointed a dedicated Construction Neighbourhood Liaison Manager to honour our commitment to minimise disruption for local residents, businesses and people who work and visit the area.

The Construction Neighbourhood Liaison Manager is working with all contractors on site, ensuring that neighbours are kept regularly updated and will respond promptly to any issues or questions that arise. If you have any questions about these works or would like to speak with the Construction Neighbourhood Liaison Manager, please get in touch with us.

Keeping you updated

We will continue to engage and meet with the local community, including local residents and neighbours of the site as the Masterplan is built out. If you have any questions about the construction works or would like to meet with us, please get in touch. Our intention is to be able to offer face to face meetings with our site neighbours in person once this is possible. We will also send regular updates as construction progresses via our e-newsletters, web updates, social media posts and site signage.

Neighbours living near locations where construction activity is taking place will receive regular newsletters and have regular opportunities to speak with the Construction Neighbourhood Liaison Manager and relevant contractor.

As part of our commitment to provide local employment opportunities during the construction period, there will be a number of roles from our contractors available to apply for. More information on the latest roles available and how to register your interest can be found on our Jobs and Training Opportunities page here.

You can also view our latest monthly construction updates via the links above.