Past, Present & Future

This short video explores local perspectives on the character, heritage and potential of the area. It has been put together with local people to give a snapshot of Canada Water.

Masterplan Update

This video gives a headline introduction to the masterplan from the project team. It explains what has been happening over the past year and some of the key updates in the current masterplan.

Interactive Model

This is a video of the interactive model showing the updated Canada Water Masterplan, May 2017. The plans are still taking shape and local input will help inform the plans before the detailed design begins.

Explore the Proposals

An overview of the existing area and May 2017 Draft Masterplan are below. Proposals will continue to develop over the coming months. Find out more about the background to the project here.

Encouraging healthy, sustainable living with access to a wide range of high quality affordable homes for different life stages is a key aim of the Canada Water Masterplan. The Masterplan will deliver up to 3,500 new homes, offering a variety of choice and providing a range of housing types, tenures, price points and sizes.

The Canada Water Masterplan will deliver a mix of uses and public spaces to create a vibrant place where people want to spend time. Active at different times of the day and evening, with a focus on employment and workspace, the completed scheme expects to provide up to 20,000 jobs.

The Canada Water Masterplan is a long term project and we intend to own and manage the spaces and places created to ensure the masterplan is properly integrated into the local area. This creates a unique opportunity over the next 15 to 20 years to create a new piece of the city which everyone can find their place in – by connecting with the local community, enhancing local skills, creating opportunities, growing local businesses and enlivening Canada Water, well beyond our red line boundary.

Transport is a key issue locally and we are working closely with Southwark Council and Transport for London to ensure a joined-up approach. The Masterplan has been developed to help meet the needs of a low carbon future, to deliver healthy streets, to be accessible to all, and to enhance connectivity both to and through the area.

The overall priority is to create a place for people that supports health and wellbeing. The Canada Water Masterplan will champion a green and healthy environment, creating a relaxed place to be, adding to the existing green and water structure and promoting active lifestyles through smart building design.